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Julie McDonald
Great for winter weather

These are lovely. I have the bee design and it is great. It keeps me dry and warm when sat in my electric wheelchair. Just what you need to go out in the winter weather. This is much better than the old fashioned covers that you normally get offered.

Mrs Fowler
Beautiful Design

It’s great to finally find a foot cosy that is designed for the younger/middle age person as all other are so bland and didn’t make me feel my age.
Arrived in good time with storage pouch, although this is taking a bit a battering around the stitching where you pull the pull cord.
Took quite a bit of time to work out how to put the foot cosy on, having watched all your videos online as my wheelchair being an electric wheelchair with different footrests it didn’t make sense, as mine can’t go over the end.
Also find it very difficult to do this myself which was upsetting as I could do my old one.
We finally went with the straps behind my feet and the first straps crossing being my legs then secured around my car restraint loops. Then the top straps around my back. Couldn’t work out then what to do with the cover have it over my seat cushion but then get gaps near knees, tuck it under my legs, still working this out.
I don’t like how the backs of my legs are open and get very cold, this is probably ideal for a summer showers and not a winter downpour or snow? Which leaves me with the issue with what am I going to do when winter comes.
I’ve just brought the fleece blanket they have brought out which has solved the coldness on the back of my legs but makes you very bulky. So the cover is quite tight against your knees and when raining gives you the impression of damp knees as they are pressing.
Overall I’m happy with the cover that I brought the matching side bag.

Julia B
Great service

Purchased as a Christmas present so not used in anger yet. However looks and feels to be great quality. Very slight delay in delivery but great customer service contact throughout keeping me up to date. Looking forward to hopefully being able to purchase a matching poncho next year.



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