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Mrs Fowler
Lovely and warm nearly perfect

I brought the fleece leg wrap to go with my cost toes as didn’t like how the back of my legs got cold. The fleece certainly keeps you warm wrapping all around you. It took a few goes to work out the straps to secure the fleece as the instructions didn’t give you enough information. Got there in the end as mines an electric chair with an headrest and two bars.
Smoothed the fleece out and the side’s over the arm rests, you have to try and get in straight or you end up with creases under your bottom which isn’t nice.
Now this is where improvement could be needed the whole fleece fastens top to bottom with velcro. You’ve got to line it perfectly otherwise you will end up with gaps and the sides not aligning at the end.
Size wise I’m a size 8-10, with a coat on it’s a bit snug around the waist and hips which could definitely be a problem for a larger person.
The fleece is long for me as I’m 5ft 2, I’m then left with a gathering of fleece around my feet. I can hide this when using with the cosy toes but not on its own.
It might of been better to have a zip up the front to save the velcro issue as it can take be over five minutes to get this on, quick to get off yes but not to get in. I also wonder how long the velcro will last and having a dog and going out how quickly it will get covered it rubbish to then try and pick out the velcro.
Otherwise it is a good idea, nice if had other colour options or ones to match the other ranges.

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