We are passionate about our planet and are always striving to make BundleBean products and our company more sustainable.

Over the past few years we have made some changes to help reduce both our plastic waste and carbon footprint. Our mailing bags are now biodegradable and our packaging is made of recyclable card and completely PVC free! We now manufacture some of our products in the UK and those that are still manufactured in China are shipped here by sea, which creates 44 times less carbon than shipping by air freight.

Our products themselves have been designed to be as long lasting as possible – both by choosing durable, high-quality textiles and fittings and because they have been designed to be as universal and versatile as possible meaning parents only need to buy one product in place of several others. Our products can be used by subsequent siblings or passed on to friends to extend their life further; we often meet customers who are using a third hand BundleBean product on its sixth or seventh child!

When your BundleBean really cannot be used any longer for its intended purpose it will go on being useful for years. Did you know an old BundleBean makes a great dog bed, helps keep your legs cosy in the office, is fabulous for wrapping up kids after a swim and is perfect for a quick nappy change on the go! Give your BundleBean the longest life possible and avoid landfill.

To offset carbon emissions, our Founder, Emily Goodall is part of a large-scale hedgerow and tree planting project in her local community. They recently planted 2154 hedge whips and 69 standard oak trees – 1km of hedgerow planted this winter! Emily has also run an Eco-brick project with the local Scouts to help keep non-recyclable plastic out of our oceans by putting them to good use.

We’re determined to continue to improve on this record so we’d love to hear your ideas of ways we can improve, creative alternative uses for BundleBeans and any stories of what you and your beans are up to in the fight against climate change.



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