Team Bean helps beat Muscular Dystrophy

For the month of September Team Bean are the Wonder Beans.

Emily, Nat, Sam and Kate are excited to be joining Wiltshire’s 7-year-old superstar and model Carmela Chillery-Watson in her Wonder Woman Challenge.

Last year Carmela raised over £17,500 for medical research into Muscular Dystrophy on her ‘Wonder Woman Walk’.  This year she is inviting teams to help her spread awareness and fundraise towards research into a treatment or cure. 


We love everything that Carmela does and are massive fans, so we have joined her in her challenge and are hoping to complete Stage 1: 170 miles from Wiltshire to Dover. A mix of running , swimming , dog walking , cycling ‍, powerchair walking , dancing & exercise classes and the gym.

Carmela has a very rare form of Muscular Dystrophy called LMNA
Congenital Muscular Dystrophy
 which affects only 1 in every million babies.
It is a cruel muscle-wasting disease, life-shortening terminal condition for
which at present there is no cure or treatment.

As it’s a progressive muscle wasting disease it will weaken the
skeletal muscles and Carmela will ultimately lose the ability to sit, stand and
walk unassisted. It can also affect the heart with risk of sudden death and can
cause children to have trouble eating and breathing. Carmela has a 60-70% chance
of living to age 16 years old.

Let’s help Carmela fight this.  It’s not too late to sign-up a team to join in or we’d love to raise some money to help Carmela.

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