Meet Carmela Chillery-Watson

In the first of our interview series we meet one of our absolute favourites Carmela Chillery-Watson.

Carmela has Muscular Dystrophy, a life-limiting disease, but she is an incredibly busy little girl with boundless amounts of energy and enthusiasm.

When not undertaking challenges to raise money or off-roading with her dog Tinker, she’s cooking up a storm in the kitchen or playing Power Chair football.

Follow her instagram @carmelachillerywatson for lots of fun and laughs.

We find out some unknown facts about our friend and all about her and her mum’s exciting new ventures.

Carmela Chillery Watson in front a row of colourful beach huts, wearing a pink hoodie and seagull print BundleBean wheelchair cosy
Carmela Chillery-Watson at the beach in our Seagull Wheelchair Cosy


What one word would you use to describe yourself?


What do you like to do for fun?

I like to play Miss Crackles School with my carers.

If you could be an animal, which would you be & why?

A unicorn because their magical powers would mean I didn’t have to have Muscular Dystrophy. 

What’s your favourite meal?

Roast Chicken.

What advice would you give to your parents?

No advice as they are perfect as they are ❤️.

Tell us about Rare n Roar

Rare N Roar is my new clothing brand to help fund research into my life limiting disease with Muscular Dystrophy UK, but also to help spread Rare Disease awareness with the caption for any Rare conditions. My mum created the name as my disease is rare, and Roar because I fight on. You can browse my suppliers shops via my website. 

You’ve been busy as we’re also heard about your book launching in June. What’s it about and where can we pre-order one?

My mummy has written a story about me and my therapy dog Tinker. It’s about the adventures we go on when it’s bedtime with the help of my magic words and Tinkers magical bottom puff, so I don’t need to use my wheelchair or walker. All profits will fund research in to my life-limiting disease with Muscular Dystrophy UK. 

You can buy the book online via this link with Blue Poppy Publishers. 

And lastly we’d love to know what fun things you’ve got planned for the summer.

My mummy and me are going on a road trip again where we will be seeing some of my social media followers,  friends and family. We sleep in the back of the van with mattresses and cook on the camping stove under the van awning.

Rare N Roar is Carmela Chillery-Watson’s new clothing brand to help fund research into her life limiting disease with Muscular Dystrophy UK.
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