Martin Hibbert's quest to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro

“Disabled people have to climb their own mountains every day, so I’ve decided to climb a real one.

Too often the focus is on what disabled people can’t do, not
what they can. I’m challenging that. I want to turn an appalling act of
terrorism into the complete opposite – bringing people together in a spirit of

Martin Hibbert

We’re delighted to be sponsoring Martin Hibbert on his challenge to take the 2012 Paralympic torch to the summit of Kilimanjaro. It’s a seven-day expedition in September coinciding with the Paralympics in Tokyo.

Martin Hibbert and his daughter Eve were among 100s injured in the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017. Martin was paralysed from the waist down and now hopes to raise money for the charity that held his hand & helped him rebuild his life. That charity is the Spinal Injuries Association. When Martin heard that 7 people get a spinal injury every day, yet only 1 in 3 get to a specialist spinal unit, he was determined to raise awareness so that more can get the help they need.  He also wants to turn what was a tragic event into a force for good.

Martin Hibbert paraplegic man, weight training

He will be undertaking this massive feat in a Bowhead hand bike. Statistically only 65% of able-bodied people make it to the summit, so you can only imagine the challenge facing Martin.

We are making his down-filled trousers and removable boots to keep him warm and dry, and hope you join us in spreading the word and helping him raise much needed funds for Spinal Injury Association.

You can sponsor him here and support him in social media by following and sharing #martinsmountain.

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