Guide to baby wearing, slings and carriers

BundleBean's Guide to baby wearing, slings and carriers

There are many different types and styles of baby  sling and carrier suitable for baby wearing.

If you are unsure then we highly recommend looking up your local sling library where you will be able to try out different styles and even hire one for a trial period.  Baby wearing is a personal thing, and not every style will suit everyone’s needs and lifestyle.  If you can: try before you buy!

The School of Babywearing has a simple check list to make sure you are carrying correctly – it's called TICKS:

The main types of carrier / baby sling / baby wrap suitable for baby wearing are:

Classic Buckle Carrier

This type of carrier is the one seen most often on the high street.  Always make sure when buying a carrier like this that your child’s legs are supported correctly eg in a frog position.

Pouches and Ring Slings

There are very simple fabric carriers that are worn over one shoulder.  They are very easy to take on and off and can be used for all ages from a cradled new born, to a sitting up toddler!

Ring slings are adjusted by pulling the fabric through two rings.  There are lots of independent individuals making these, so be sure to buy one that provides adequate support and never covers the babies face.

Mei tai style

These are traditional Asian style carriers with a structured body panel.  The baby can be worn front, back or on your hip and adjusted using the fabrics straps.  Some people comment that these are a good halfway house between wrap style carriers and traditional buckle carriers.

  • Palm and Pond
  • Amazonas
  • Hoppediz

Soft structured carrier

These have a soft body panel but are fitted with easy to use and adjust straps with buckles.  A great choice for someone who is looking for a  quick and convenient baby wearing option and might be daunted by more complicated wrap styles.  These all provide excellent support to the hips and knees of your baby.

Wraps – stretchy and woven

These are long pieces of fabric that can be tied in a multitude of different ways.

Stretchy wraps can only be used for front carries, but woven wraps are incredibly versatile and can be used for front, back or hip carries.  Both of these styles of carrier take a bit of practice.

Baby Backpacks

These are absolutely fantastic for older children and for any family that enjoys walking and outdoor pursuits.  They look like a traditional rucksack, with the baby sitting on your back facing forwards over your shoulder - giving them a great view of the world!  They use a light metal frame and are worn with shoulder and waist straps.There is a huge price range with backpack carriers, and undoubtedly the ones at the upper end of the scale are better for carrying long distances.  Baby backpacks are suitable from about 6/9 months up to three years.

  • Bush Baby
  • Little Life Cross Country

How do you keep your baby warm when baby wearing?

There are several different kinds of product out there that are suitable for use to keep your babies warm when baby wearing:

  • Covers – some of these are made to specifically fit particular brands of carrier.  Some of them are universal fitting, such as our own BundleBean Go! which is great if you end up owning more than one carrier.
  • Baby wearing coats – these are worn by the carrier and have a zip in section that encloses the baby.  A lot of these coats can also be used for pregnancy, but they are often expensive at £80+.
  • Snow suits – a lot of parents buy a warm padded snow suit for the colder weather. These are great but care should be taken that the baby doesn’t overheat when you go indoors, particularly as you have to take the baby out of the carrier to get them undressed.

What about sun protection for your baby in a carrier or baby sling?

We would ALWAYS recommend that you keep a hat on your baby in direct sunlight.

There are a few UV covers that will ensure your babies limbs are safely covered, which removes the need for harsh, chemical sun creams.  Sun creams shouldn’t be used on any baby under the age of 6 months.


Why choose BundleBean products as accessories for baby wearing?

We think they are some of the best products for baby wearing and they have been carefully designed so that you can get the most out of them, even one days when you aren’t baby wearing.

Both products are fully versatile so as well as being perfect accompaniments to baby wearing, they can also be used on car seats, buggies and bike seats!  The BundleBean Go unzips to make a great waterproof picnic rug or play mat 


Testimonials for BundleBean products and baby wearing

“People are frequently amazed when Bubby D is howling in her pushchair and wants to go in her sling, so I pop her in, then release what appears to be her footmuff and turn it into a snuggly and waterproof sling cover instead. Later when we arrive at whatever group or event we are going to, I whip that off, and suddenly it’s an instant playmat!.”

“I love my baby carrier but I do worry that he has no blanket on and now I own a bundle bean I don't need to worry. As well as having the added of pockets to keep my hands warm too.  I love that it is waterproof and that say you nip to the park they can sit on it as too not get wet bums and then wrap them in it to keep them warm when all the playing has finished :D The blanket fold down really small so can be carried and transported easily.”

 “I have been using a carrier with Oliver for a while now and I was wondering how I would keep him warm and dry in it in the winter but this works really well. I love that I can take him out even when it is wet and I am still able to carry him rather than putting him in a buggy under a rain cover”

“I wore my Spike for a long time last Winter because he was a born at the end of December. I struggled to find an affordable option for keeping him warm when my coat stopped being able to reach around him.  With the BundleBean you simply create the pouch with the zips and attach it to the shoulder straps (or around your own neck) and you have a windproof, waterproof, warm cover for the baby.”

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